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September 13, 2011

The Ex Recovery System: Get Her Back Edition Review


The Ex Recovery System: Get Her Back Edition by Ashley Kay
Product: The Ex Recovery System: Get Her Back Edition
Author: Ashley Kay
Price: $77
Guarantee: 60-day money-back
Ease of Use:
Overall Satisfaction:


The Get Her Back Edition of Ashley Kay’s Ex Recovery System begins by laying out the truth that you cannot be guaranteed to get back your girl. When it comes to women’s desires, you can never be certain of how they’ll respond. That’s what I feel this book is about: honest advice. You’re given honest advice with your situation and everything you need to get her back.

In the first chapter you learn the break up emotional cycle and why you broke up. A summary of the cycle is anger > shock > helplessness > confusion and so on. Ashley says it’s okay to feel these things. What’s not okay and what damages your chances at getting her back is becoming borderline crazy by acting out irrationally. You’re taught how to regain control of the torrent within your mind and emotions to win her back.

“You’re taught how to regain control of your mind and emotions to win her back.”

This is followed by the principles of re-attracting your girl. One thing stood out for me in the course that I’d like to quote and share with you is: “Do NOT assume because she is ignoring all your calls and messages that she is moving on and you’re just a distant memory in her mind. It doesn’t.” This sentence reflects the entire book. Guys assume they can’t get their babe back, but you’ll be surprised at how the female mind behaves (which is a part of the reason you broke up in the first place).

Other things that stood out for me in The Ex Recovery System I think you should know about in my review is you: learn how to overcome her resistance in getting back together, get plenty of good quizzes and questions to help with your special situation (such as to help you figure out if it’s best you get back with her), and discover various methods of indirect and direct contact that get her interested in you again.

Summary of Pros

  • The author Ashley is female and knows what you need to do to get her back.
  • It’s focused on helping you change what you can affect. You don’t need to get her to read books or really transform herself.
  • Comes with an awesome map that takes you through a short visual diagram of how to get her back.
  • There’s lots of extra reports and videos to help you get back together again. The most comprehensive ex back course I’ve ever discovered.
  • Instant access and download because it’s in pdf format. She has a good guarantee so you can check to see if it’s right for you.

Summary of Cons

User Comments

You’re welcome to comment below if you’ve already purchased the course to share your review with others thinking about getting it. Here are what some users have said about The Ex Recovery System: Get Her Back Edition:

thanks ashley k what you have told me has help me to get my ex back and whats more -Ive have learn to how to keep her from what you have told me in your you tube videos thank you for everything. keep up the good work :~)

– Rad J

you were amazing in ur support for my e-mails .. you answered each so sincerely and quickly ..i really felt supported me that was the product ..thanks again

– Ron, Canada

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