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April 16, 2009

Review of The Magic of Making Up

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The Magic of Making Up by TW Jackson
Product: The Magic of Making Up
Author: TW Jackson
Price: $39
Guarantee: 60-day money-back
Ease of Use:
Overall Satisfaction:


Despite the complex difficulties that have led to your split, there’s a solution to starting a new flame with someone you want to be with. If you’re questioning how you can get your ex back, you’ll be interested in The Magic of Making Up by TW Jackson. This ebook is filled with advice and step-by-step solutions to move towards the right side of intimacy and rekindling the relationship with your ex.

The Magic of Making Up ebook uses simple and effective processes known to help couples re-unite. This particular book gives answers that shows you when to begin acting towards a resolution that allows you to start again with your ex. This includes knowing how to use specific situations, such as another girlfriend or boyfriend, to your advantage, as well as secrets for bonding and re-connecting with your loved one almost instantly. Everything is aimed to help you get back in touch with your loved one to start over again.

“The advice given throughout this book can be used in almost any personal situation so you can work towards a fresh start with your ex.”

With the promised results of this specific book, are people who question its effectiveness and if it’s a scam. A formula that instantly gets an ex back is one many claim cannot effectively work because of the complications and personal matters in any relationship. I’ll admit the ideal of getting your ex back with the book appears perfect. It isn’t a perfect solution, however, but it’s one of the better ones I’ve come across after years of studying relationship break ups. The advice given throughout this book can be used in almost any personal situation so you can work towards a fresh start with your ex.

Some really great advice like “don’t make major life decisions” is shared. A torrent of people I’ve noticed make big decisions like moving cities after they’ve broken up. That’s a bad mistake. You’re also given tips to handle your ex when he or she is dating others, how to manage your feeling of jealousy, and how to reconnect with the person who left you.

There’s heaps of bullet points in the ebook (which is in a easy downloadable pdf format) so it’s a to-the-point guide with little fluff. TW Jackson seems to be a real honest guy looking to help people who broke up.

Reviews hitting this book are showing its concepts and ideas provide the ultimate solution for getting back with your ex. Several people who’ve read and implemented the advice given say it works at getting couples back together, dating again, and even moving back into a marriage after divorce!

This course is one of my recommendations to help get your ex back. Through The Magic of Making Up, you can find the secrets, moves, and tricks that allow couples who broke up to get back into a relationship.

Summary of Pros

  • TW Jackson is a down-to-earth guy. Watch his videos on the product page and I think you’ll agree he really cares about helping people.
  • Helped over 50,000 people
  • Practical ideas anyone can use
  • Bonus book “Clean Slate Method” that shows you how to apologize and get forgiveness
  • Bonus book “Mind Magic” which contains extra ideas to win back your ex

Summary of Cons

  • The ebook is only 62 pages. However, there’s little fluff in the book and the “Mind Magic” bonus with its extra tips to get your ex back makes up for any shortness.
  • Some ideas seem simple. One famous trick is the “instant reconnect technique” where you lean over a dinner table to wipe off an imaginary piece of food from your ex’s mouth. The theory TW Jackson gives behind it is lovers only do this. Though the technique appears simple, it can work. Also, other techniques in the book are more effective.


This is a video of the author TW Jackson giving some tips to get your ex back. Click the image below to watch the video (you’ll be taken to a page to watch the video):

The Magic of Making Up by TW Jackson

User Comments

You’re welcome to comment below if you’ve already purchased the course to share your review with others thinking about getting it. Here are what some users have said about The Magic of Making Up:

You are the best!!! After one day, again one day, my changed attitude had my ex calling and wanting to see me. I won’t take his calls but this showed me that the changes you showed me, worked…you have helped me more than you will ever know…

Thanks and keep up the good work. Best money I ever spent!!!

– Melissa

Hi there! Wishing you a very happy christmas too! Thank you so much for your help, your ideas really managed to open my eyes and to see you from another perspective!!i never used to think of it that way. I have learned a lot about myself too, and i now know how to speak to him whilst keeping in control of the situation at the same time. My ex and i had a long distance relationship and he is flying over to see me here in England to try and sort all this mess out!

Regards and many thanks

  1. Jenna James, I was reading some articles from, and I see your picture there, and I can say with sure, you are a really beautiful women, I’m falling in love, in first second that I see you. :grin: Well, I know that you (of course) listen this all the time. But I has to tell you. Sorry to take your time with that. Finally I want to say congratulations for your blog! In the past I have many break ups (really many), but almost all ended in peace and friendship. If I know this blog twelve years ago, for sure be so useful, now I’m calm down. Do you stop of writing this blog? And I know why you stop, you get married, am I right?

    Comment by Roberto — March 23, 2010 @ 10:07 pm
  2. Thanks for your compliment Roberto. Yeah, it’s been quiet around here for a few months! In April, keep an eye out for an avalanche of info here. The fun resumes.

    Comment by Jenna James — March 24, 2010 @ 3:41 pm

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