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August 18, 2010

Review of the Guide To Getting Your Ex Back by Edie Kurnik

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Guide To Getting Your Ex Back by Edie Kurnik
Product: Guide To Getting Your Ex Back
Author: Edie Kurnik
Price: $29.50
Guarantee: 56-day money-back
Ease of Use:
Overall Satisfaction:


Edie Kurnik claims to be expert in relationships– on getting your ex back. Guide To Getting Your Ex Back may be questionable for some reasons. First; he has no background of psychology or any course related to study of human behavior, second; the information written in the book is vague and full of assumptions. His ideas might work for him but not for everyone – just like what he said about listening to other people’s advice that never seemed to work for him.

I wasn’t impressed by the book because it doesn’t focus on one gender. Individuals have different reactions to every break up. Females are more emotional and sentimental. They listen to what they are feeling, cry their hearts out, and tend to be more vocal about it while males turn to divert the problem by doing extra activities.

No love story has the same tale! It was noted that his advice worked for one of his girl friends and some of his friends, but this may be because they know each other too well to have come up with the same guide on getting your ex back.

I am skeptical of his work because it lacks good foundation and needs further study, and was based only from his own thoughts and experience. I’m being harsh because there’s better programs elsewhere.

Summary of Pros

  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product.
  • An audio book which you can listen to your iPod or mp3.
  • Free bonus books. However, you can get these books elsewhere just by searching for them in Google. I even have a copy of 101 Romantic Ideas I can give you. Download 101 Romantic Ideas.

Summary of Cons

  • Author has no real expertise. This makes him an everyday person, which you may like learning from.
  • Heavily relied on his own experience in what he teaches others.
  • There’s no guarantee to getting your ex back.

Free Audio Sample

Below is a free audio sample of the Guide To Getting Your Ex Back. Click the image to be taken to the page where you can hear it:

Click to listen to the free sample of the Guide To Getting Your Ex Back

User Comments

You’re welcome to comment below if you’ve already purchased the course to share your review with others thinking about getting it. Some people have found the book to be great so you may want to check it out. Here are what some users have said about the Guide To Getting Your Ex Back:

I’m feeling better! After 6 weeks of tears and heartache my ex and I have made up. We’re not officially back together but we spent the whole weekend together and have decided to work on our relationship.

Monica M.
New York, U.S

After begging my ex-fiancée for the last 3 months to take me back I decided to follow your system. It is working! At first she said “Maybe I will consider it but not until the summer. That bites, I don’t want to wait that long! We are so much in love! But at least she said ‘maybe’. Then after continuing to follow your method for 2 more weeks including over the holidays, she sent me an email saying she wanted to meet with me, then she actually called me! (She has not initiated a call or email in the past 4 months until now – it has always been me). So we met for dinner and talked for 3 hours. She couldn’t keep her hands off me! While I was talking she reached over and kissed me mid-sentence! I did everything per the system. The point of the whole evening is that she is afraid to lose me now.

Phill O.
Southampton, UK

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